Christian Education Conference Overview

2019 International Christian Education Conference
Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24, July 2019
 Nuku’alofa, Kingdom of Tonga


Welcome to the 2019 International Christian Education Conference hosted by Christ’s University in Pacific.

This is a critical year for educators’ worldwide. The challenges of teaching, lecturing and managing have become more difficult and more controlled each year. Ambiguity abounds and it is difficult to locate foundations for practice and consistent guidelines to measure achievement. Education has become a consumer industry that is falling from producing identifiable and celebrated outcomes that predictably contribute to better communities, a love for learning, and competent work-ready graduates. There appear too many voices all claiming the best ways of doing things and too many suggestions of what to add to already full curriculums. Education cannot solve everyone’s problems nor satisfy every dream but it can equip the next generation to value, celebrate and contribute to a better world for all.

We did not chose a particular theme for this conference but adopt the concept of “Christ Centred Education”.  We hope that State and Private Educators can come together to reflect on what it might mean to have a Christ Centred School, University, College or System. Christ provided character and service for humanity to reflect upon, and to shun self-centric ways that were leading away from the better public good. Can we call education back to the productive and fertile building blocks for addressing the issues of today? Is there a better way to motivate our students, teachers and employees toward more generous and valuable benefits from their daily work?  Are we brave enough to innovate constructive changes? The esteemed speakers from many and varied backgrounds will stimulate thinking and float ideas that ought to challenge complacency around under achieving education practices and ambitions, and present workable solutions to today’s challenges.

Welcome and we look forward to the papers, the discussion, and meeting with you.